Family Satisfaction Program

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Why is a Family Satisfaction Program important?

Imagine this: You have interviewed many domestic helpers, talked to their previous employers, and finally you have found the girl that you like. This girl is amazing… The speed that she does her work, and still make sure that your home is sparkling clean simply amazes you.

She gets along very well with your children and she is fantastic with grooming your dog. Her cooking puts chefs to shame. And then, one day, she received a call from the Philippines…

She starts to work very slowly… she misses many dirty spots… she even scolds your children for nothing…

Something has gone wrong. And when you asked her questions, she said everything is fine. You see, you are the employer and she is afraid to tell you the truth and risks losing her job… Or, perhaps, she is somehow uncomfortable telling you about it.

That’s why 121 Personnel Services implements the Family Satisfaction Program!   In this program, should you or any of your family members get dissatisfied with the work performance of the domestic helper for whatever reason(s), we want you to be satisfied again! Simply pick up the phone, and call the 121 Customer Care Team at 6733-8121 (3 Lines), and we will help you to resolve the matter, whatever it may be. As long as it is within our capability, it gets done.

In the above case, the maid’s boyfriend has a change of heart. You see, we spoke to the girl in the Philippines language and we have probably interacted with her many times before you employ her. We have a certain level of rapport with her, and that was why she opens her heart to us. We can assist you to counsel her. And, we do not charge for this invaluable service. We feel responsible if you are dissatisfied in any way.

If you aren’t absolutely satisfied, let us know. Our Family Satisfaction Program makes sure that you and your family will ultimately be satisfied. That is the commitment – from us to you.