121 Match-Point System

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What exactly is the 121 Match-Point© System, how it works, and why is it important?

Imagine this: You have interviewed many domestic helpers, talked to their previous employers, and finally you have found the girl that you like. And then, your nightmare began…

You see, she is a girl with a lot of initiative and she would do things her way. No doubt, things still get done, but they are not done the way you like. She said that she is a good cook, but to you, well, her cooking is only okay.

She said she loves children. But really, she is a better friend with your dog than your 3-year-old and 5-year-old.

Then, she is a “party” girl who loves to come back late during her off-days. You tried to get her to come back earlier, but she begged real hard and you agreed to let her be.

On top of that, she loves to chit-chat with you whenever she can. But, you are too busy doing your own things to chat with her. However, you didn’t want to tell her to shut up.

Overall, you feel that she is still okay (give her a chance, you thought). But, it’s those little things that really got to you. You sigh… if only there is a way to make sure this girl matches what you want in your domestic helper more closely…

It is with this in mind that the 121 Match-Point©System was formulated! 

Over 83 hours of brain-storming and formulation…
More than 187 days of real-life testing with real customers…
More than 6 major revisions and fine-tuning…
No less than $29,700.00 invested in terms of time and man-power…
The 121 Match-Point©System is a proprietary formula invented by 121 Personnel Services to “Match the Right Maid to Your Family”. We are the only agency we know who has this system.

How Does the 121 Match-Point©System Work?
The most basic premise of the 121 Match-Point©System is based on:
  • the needs of the employer (what does the employer want or like the employee to do);
  • the needs of the employee (what does the employee want or like to do for the employer);
  • the importance of matching the needs of the employer and employee;
  • what the employer likes to see in an employee as a person or what kind of character would the employer prefer (does the employer prefer an employee with initiative, or does she prefer an order-taker; or does the employer prefer an employee who is chatty or is a quiet employee better, and so on);
  • what experience does the employee have, and whether the experience is relevant to the employer’s needs;
  • what skill sets does the employee have, and whether the skill sets are relevant to the employer’s needs; and
  • the need to recognise that there are “different strokes for different folks”.

For example, there are people whom you simply “click with” even though you have met them for the first time, and there are people whom you simply “can’t get along with” no matter what. The purpose of the 121 Match-Point©System is to increase the “clicking” factor tremendously. 

The 121 Match-Point©System has been so successful that 121 Personnel Services has been getting many positive testimonials on “getting good girls”. (Please refer to testimonials on what our customers say.)

The secret really lies in the 121 Match-Point© System. Of course, we don’t always succeed in matching everybody. After all, we are trying to match human to human which is already difficult by itself. However, our success rate is among the best in the industry. If you compare the number of testimonials we have to those of other agencies, you will realize that we actually have a lot more testimonials than the others.

Why is the 121 Match-Point©System Important?

The best way to illustrate this is to imagine yourself getting the wrong person for the job, and having to replace her. How would this affect your daily life? And, what hassle would that bring you?

Imagine… You have so many household chores to do, and you have no maid for a number of days. Then, you have to run some errands, but there is no one to look after your children. Then, you have to send your children to school. And at the same time, you have to attend your course at a school some distance away.

Not only that, by the time you get home, you still have to cook for your family, wash the dishes, and clean up after everybody else. Heaven forbids, but if this is going to go on for weeks, what kind of life do you have?

All because the 121 Match-Point© System wasn’t used to Match the Right Girl to Your Family… Now, is that a big headache or what? 🙂

After all, getting the best maid for your family is most important. You deserve it. Your children deserve it. Your family deserve it. That’s what the 121 Match-Point© System is for.