1. We are a Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Licensed Agency, Licence No. C634801D. In other words, we are licensed by the MOM to serve you. Please click here to see what exactly is required to be licensed by the MOM.

  2. We are an Accredited Agency of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASETrust) for Good Business Practices, Cert. No. CT/0001. Currently, only 10% of the 700 over agencies are accredited. If CASE trusts us, you can too. Please click here to see what exactly is required to be accredited by CASE. For your information, the Ministry of Manpower has deemed it compulsory for all agencies to be accredited by June 2004 in order to renew their licence and to continue business. That is to say, unaccredited agencies may be unable to service you or honour their contracts with you subsequent to June 2004.  Please click here to see this Urgent Warning for Employers.However, 121 Personnel Services would still be at your service subsequent to June 2004 as we are an accredited agency. *

  3. We have many testimonials and we conduct surveys because we care a lot about our customers’ satisfaction with our service. Many of our customers are pleased with our service, and that is why they have many kind comments about us. Please click here to see our testimonials.
  1. We have placed a $60,000.00 Performance Bond (for Comprehensive Licence, effective 17 Dec 2011) with the MOM to ensure our good performance. Therefore, your interest is always safe with us.
  1. To qualify for the licence, our director has to attend and pass the Certificate of Employment Agency course spanning 3 months in the Singapore Polytechnic.
  1. To protect your investment in our service, especially if you are recruiting a transfer domestic helper through us, we are giving you a FREE 365  Days Guarantee with 2 FREE Replacements. Please click here to see why a Free Guarantee is important.

By the way, your investment in a transfer domestic helper is inclusive of all MOM documentation costs and recruitment costs, except for insurance cost which is due directly to the insurance company. There are no hidden charges whatsoever. We will inform you accordingly if there are any other charges.

  1. To ensure that your transfer domestic helper is the best helper for you and your family, we subject them to our proprietary 121 Match-Point System and a rigorous interview process before you screen them further. This is to ensure that the right girl is matched to your family. Please click here to see what exactly is a Match-Point System, how it works and why it is important.
  1. We believe in a long-term and cordial relationship with our customers. Thus, we have implemented The Family Satisfaction Program where you and your family are always welcome to call us for any assistance. Please click here to see why a Family Satisfaction Program is important. It is our pleasure to serve you.
* Update (17 Dec 2011): 121 Personnel Services Pte. Ltd. has been issued a Comprehensive Licence. Our MOM Lic. No. is now 01C4854 and CaseTrust No. is CT/1352.

* Update (1 Apr 2011):In accordance to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s EA Rules update: (1) the use of unlicensed employment agencies may lead to a jail term for employers; and (2) accreditation by the Consumers Association of Singapore is not necessary for MOM licensing purposes.

* Update (5 Jan 2009): 121 Personnel Services is now known as 121 Personnel Services Pte. Ltd. Our MOM Lic. No. is now J104001I and CaseTrust No. is CT/0590.