Singapore Maid Agency – How to Choose?

How do you choose a good Singapore maid agency? If you have read the various articles in our Article Blog, I believe you will get a pretty good idea on what to look out for and what are the “hidden” factors to consider. Here’s a summary of the points I’ve covered in the various articles in Article Blog about choosing a Singapore maid agency:

1. Check out the MOM EA Directory for a listing of the licensed agencies. Sometimes, the MOM change their links, simply Google “MOM EA Directory” and you’ll find the latest directory. You can easily check the demerit points, retention rate, etc. of all the agencies in Singapore. This is covered in our eCourse when you sign up for our online newsletters and get 2 informative e-reports free. See the optin box to your right.

2. Does the agency have a lot of testimonials from happy employers? This is an indication that they are doing a good job in matching the correct maid to the right employer. Read our testimonials for an idea of what are testimonials from happy employers.

3. Does the agency have a “hidden” agenda? That is to say, are they “using” employers in Singapore to “churn” sales and re-export girls to other countries at a premium. My article “Transfer Maid and New Maid – Which is Better?” covers this quite extensively.

4. Does the agency have a Match-Point system to match the character and work preference/work experience of the girl to your work priorities and what you require in the character of the girl? One point that is frequently missed is that girls do have certain work that they like to do. If the girl likes cooking and ironing and those are the household chores you need help the most, that girl is probably the best person for the job.

5. Try to go to a few agencies when you are searching for a maid so that you can compare their service levels and widen your search network. This will increase your chance of finding the right girl.

6. Think about whether the package provided to you is value for money and the charges are reasonable. It is also very important to read the Service Agreement and other documents given to you by the agency. Specifically, check about refund, the guarantee period and the number of replacements given to you. Are the replacements free or are there other charges? Typically, you’ll have to pay the outstanding maid’s loan if the girl has only beeen in Singapore for a few months and such a girl is being transferred to you.

7. Is the agency accreditated for Good Business Practice by the Consumers Association of Singapore? In case of disagreements, you can get CASE to assist you in claiming refunds. In addition, such an agency is also audited by CASE to upholad certain service standards and keep to the rules and regulations of CASE’s accreditation panel.

There are probably many other factors to consider for each individual employer. But, the above factors are some items for your consideration when engaging the service of a Singapore maid agency.

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