Reliable Singapore Maid Agency

I still remember the day I nervously stood on stage with my manager, Joy, to share my experience with my fellow colleagues from about 500 agencies. I was asked to say a few words on my agency getting accreditated by the Consumers Association of Singapore for Good Business Practice.

It was a rigorous process, to say the least.

We have had a mystery shopper dropping in on us. It was only after his visit that we knew who he was. I was just glad that we passed with flying colours.

We also had our procedures, documents, processes, service standards, etc. put to the test. My team members and I were grilled on our knowledge and know-how. Not just the first time we got accreditated. But, every two years, the inspector(s) from CASE will drop in “for a chat” with us, to ensure we’re still upholding the qualities of a CASETrusted service-provider.

We still do, as you can see from the many certificates from CASE.

And this brings me to the topic of a reliable maid agency. It’s something close to my heart.

While being accreditated by the Consumers Association of Singapore for Good Business Practice is an achievement, and does convey that 121 Personnel Services is reliable, I feel that being reliable has to come from the people in the agency.

As an employer looking for a helper or a helper looking for employment, each party would like to find the best fit for themselves. A reliable maid agency should not “coerce” the helper to accept every job offer just to close the sale. Neither should an employer be forced to employ any helper offered by the agency.

It takes two hands to clap. There has to be a match between the two of them, pretty much like a boy and a girl deciding to go steady. They have to choose each other. This should be facilitated by the maid agency.

In a way, a maid agency is like a match-making company. A good maid agency in Singapore should be following the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and doing their best to properly match the helper to the employer.

In 121 Personnel Services, we have the Match-Point System to do just that. And I’m glad to say that the official numbers from the MOM has indicated that we have one of the highest retention rate in the industry. What retention rate means is the percentage of helpers who stay with the same employer for more than one year. Many agencies have a retention rate of less than 50%. We are 55% and above.

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