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  • helping you to recruit helper(s) who is/are transferring to another employer in Singapore (with an extensive guarantee and replacement plan)

  • bringing your own helper(s) from overseas to work in Singapore

  • doing the processing work when you find your own helper

  • recruiting new helper from overseas

  • renewal of passport and work permit

  • appealing to the Ministry of Manpower should your application be rejected among others (please ask)

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Hiring a Maid in Singapore – Mistakes to Avoid!

When hiring a maid in Singapore, there are quite a few points to take note of.

There are different types of domestic helper or maid to match your needs. It is important to identify your needs upfront so that you know exactly why you are hiring a maid in Singapore. Doing a search on the search engines for terms like “hire maid Singapore” or “hiring maid in Singapore” will not really help you.

One good way to approach this is to first identify your needs. Hiring a maid or domestic helper may not necessarily be the best solution. It would be good to consider all other solutions, as well as hiring a maid.

Then, weigh your pros and cons. And if hiring a maid in Singapore is the best solution, know that not all maids can meet all your needs. Remember that the maid also has her preference in terms of what types of work she would like to do and what she would not like to do. She is not very different from any other types of workers.

Next, let’s talk about the 3 main types of domestic helper or maid you can employ. They are very different in their needs and demands. You will have to consider their needs as well as your own needs to increase the likelihood of an excellent working relationship with your helper.

First, there are the new helpers who have not worked in Singapore before. They will be coming from their home countries to work here in Singapore for the first time.

Second, there are transfer helpers who are already working in Singapore and they are looking to transfer from their current employer to work with a new employer.

Third, there are ex-Singapore helpers who have worked in Singapore before but have returned to their home countries and are now looking to come back to work in Singapore again.

All three types of helpers can come from different countries like the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. Their culture, work ethics, characteristics, world views, etc. can be very different from yours and that in Singapore. So, you will have to take those points into consideration, in addition to your own needs and their needs.

Further, new helpers may not be used to the fast paced lifestyle in Singapore and they may be slower in their work. Although they are likely to be trained in their training centres back home, they are unlikely to be able to perform at a high level as many employers would wish. You will have to give them time to adapt.

Generally, new helpers are willing to take care of the elderly and are willing to accept compensations for having 1 or no days off.

Transfer helpers and ex-Singapore helpers are more experienced helpers. They are likely to be better in their work since they have had work experience. However, they will want to have their “Singapore” lifestyles. They want their days off and they can be picky about which employer they would like to work for and they definitely demand a higher monthly salary compared to new helpers.

Generally, transfer helpers are not willing to take care of the elderly and they would prefer to have their own room, if possible. While they can be good workers, you really need to manage them quite differently compared to a new helper.

Overall, the upfront one-time costs of employing a transfer helper is lower than that of a new helper or ex-Singapore helper. However, remember that the placement fee (or maid’s loan) payable to the overseas centre is deductible against the new helper’s monthly salary. As such, over a 2 years’ period (the transfer helper’s monthly salary is generally at least $100 higher than that of a new helper), employing a transfer helper is at least $1,800 more costly compared to that of a new helper.

In conclusion, there are many variables to consider when hiring a maid in Singapore. A mere Googling of terms like “hire maid Singapore” or “hiring maid in Singapore” will not really help you. But, all the points above will be a great help!