Mrs Maria Sundquist

“Being a first time employer, we appreciated 121 Personnel’s patience with us during the screening and interviewing…”

“Being a first time employer of a full-time live-in maid we appreciated 121 Personnel Services patience with us during the screening and interviewing of potential candidates. We’d rather interview too many than too few to be as sure as possible that we would make the right choice.

Liza has been with us for almost 4 months and we are very satisfied with the job she performs in our home. She is daring in the kitchen and tries on new dishes as per our wishes. She is also very caring and loving towards our 2 cats so we feel very secure to leave her alone when we occasionally have to go on business travel at the same time and leave her along to take care of the house. We only hope that Liza is as happy working for us as we are with her.”