Mrs Linda, Holland Grove

“There is a matching system at 121 which works out wonderfully…”

“We had been thinking of having a helper for a while but hadn’t really got round to doing anything about it. I happened to be flicking through a magazine one day and found an advert for 121 Personnel Services. I found out more from their website and having read in greater detail about them decided to give them a go. Well since then we haven’t looked back or regretted our decision, for a second..

From the moment we stepped into the “121” office, we were dealt with efficiently and courteously. We spoke to Anna and she made a note of everything we required! There is a matching system at 121 Personnel, which works out wonderfully, and this is how we got Resilda who has been with us now for two months and we already feel she is part of our family and feel extremely comfortable having her with us.

Our priorities for a helper were to have someone who would walk and love our dog and also someone who enjoyed and loved cooking. Well, Resilda certainly fulfils those requirements, and a lot more around the house as well.

So, a big thank you for finding us the ideal person. I would certainly recommend “121” to anyone who needs help around the house, because I know they won’t be disappointed.”.

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