Mrs Jacqueline Smit

“…unbelievably in tune with what we wanted and very tactful about the pros and cons…”

“It is a most strange situation this “live-in helper thing”, having a stranger subject to your most intimate day-to-day events and yet having to retain a certain degree of distance and professionalism.

We arrived in Singapore in June 2005. We had never before had a live-in helper. We were both anxious to hire someone as soon as possible to help with our three-year-old and two-month-old but simultaneously apprehensive about a stranger staying in our home. We went to 121 and began the interview process..

Joy was first and foremost unbelievably in tune with what we wanted and secondly very tactful about the pros and cons would be. She set about the task in a most professional manner and found us a true gem, Josie. Joy painstakingly explained all the legalities and remained accessible at all times to phone calls and emails until our minds were put at ease and both Josie and ourselves had acclimatized to one another..

Joy contributed in a significant manner to making Singapore what it is for us today – an efficient and family-friendly environment. Josie is part and parcel of the family but always managed to keep the employer-employee relationship clearly demarcated thanks to Joy’s briefing.”