Mrs Bee Ling Ryan

“…very impressed with the testimonials… very informative website… very pleased with our helper…”

“Mae has been with us for over 5 months now and we are very grateful to have her in our household. I have since passed on your contact to a few friends who are thinking of looking for a full time helper..

I came across your advertisement in a magazine and was very impressed with the testimonials given by other satisfied clients. With a 3+ year old boy and a baby on it’s way I thought this is the place I should go to get quality staff.

I visited the very informative website first and thought it is done professionally. In the office, Serena is very helpful and had patiently answered all my queries about hiring a domestic helper, as this is my first.

My family is very pleased with our helper who has contributed invaluably to our household. Thank you 121.”