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“Local Employers – Do You Make These Mistakes in Employing a Maid?”

Dear Fellow Singaporeans and PRs,

was pleasantly surprised at the significant number of enquiries from fellow Singaporeans and PRs. Although 121 Personnel Services specializes in helping the expatriate community in Singapore with domestic help (or maid) matters, we’ve been asked many times whether we service the local community as well. The answer is “yes” if you feel that we are able to fulfill your needs. Before I explain further, I’m glad to share that many local families who have employed our domestic helpers have been happy with them.

Your Needs May Be Different

Generally, many Singaporean families prefer to employ a new Indonesian maid. There are pros and cons to this. However, one of the greatest challenges in employing Indonesian helpers is their work performance and their ability to communicate in English. And, this is one of the main reasons many employers come to us for help. If you were like me, you would be wondering where have all the good maids gone to? I’ve a few answers to that, and they’re “not pretty”.

“Ugly” Answers to an Important Question

As you are probably aware, the monthly salaries of domestic helpers are much higher in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Norway, Spain and Saudi Arabia. It is no wonder that the more capable helpers tend to gravitate towards these countries. Moreover, the many suppliers of helpers in Indonesia do not view Singapore as their main market. The fact is that our market is small, and our government have implemented much stricter criteria like 8 years formal education, passing of entry test, must be 23 years old and above, and so on before the helpers can work in Singapore. Compared to the other countries, Singapore really isn’t a very attractive market for them. In fact, the maid’s loan has increased significantly compared to the past, as a reflection of the bad market condition here.

A Shocking Revelation

Another question you may have in mind is why do you always have maids that don’t work out and why do you always have to get a replacement maid? One of the reasons, I believe, has to do with quality control of the recruitment and training process in Indonesia or the Philippines. Since many agencies share the same suppliers and bio-data, the quality of the helper you get will be about the same.

In Conclusion…

I hope I’ve explained the pros and cons of employing an experienced transfer maid well enough for you to make an informed decision. They are quite different from new Indonesian helpers or new Filipino helpers, and the way you need to manage them is also quite different. We can brief you on how to manage them, and at the same time, we will also brief the girls on how to behave when working with a local family. We even have a “behavior checklist” for them to ensure good behavior from them. Finally, like many of the local families who have successfully employed an experienced transfer maid from us, I hope that you will have the same success too… Yours sincerely, Eddy Lam [R1100380]

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