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“4,367 Satisfied Expat Families (and Counting) have Made Us the Leading Provider of Experienced Maids – that’s why we’re the only service who offers a no questions asked, 3 Years guarantee with 2 FREE re-matching of helpers

(If you’re considering employing an experienced maid or bringing in your own maid, I strongly recommend that you click here to print this page because there are 17 pages of critical information.)


“We definitely made the right choice. You listened well
when I told you how my maid should be…”

I always wanted to thank you for your service. With your help I found a very good maid.

My husband is travelling a lot and I sometimes want to travel with him. We have our youngest son (aged 16) with us in Singapore. I don’t want to leave him alone when I am travelling. So we decided to look for a live-in maid. I wanted someone with some experience and not too young. I told you what I needed and was soon afterwards invited to interview some candidates in your office. One of them I liked best. I invited her to our apartment and my son liked her as well.

We definitely made the right choice. Maria now works for us more than half a year and I am very content with her work. Besides, she is a pleasant person to live with. We have a lot of visitors from Germany and everybody likes her. I can rely on her to manage the household alone when I am not in Singapore.

Once again, thank you for your help. You listened well when I told you, how my maid should be, and made a good choice. Your service was fast and reliable.

I already recommended your agency to different friends and will continue to do so.

(Click on name to verify the authenticity of ALL our testimonials) ==> Mrs Sabine Leppkes


* For platinum package only. Please check with our office at 67338121 (3 Lines) for details of our various packages to match your budget and needs. Re-matching refers to a re-match of a more suitable helper to your needs, should the previous helper not work out. (Replacement plan mentioned in the video refers to the redeploying of a new helper to take over the position of the previous helper.)

“You have been very helpful in the search process.
You came across as honest and practical…”

“I would like to thank you very much for recommending Lilybeth to me. She is a great person. She is very diligent and take initiatives to do what is necessary in terms of household chores. She keeps finding things to clean – our place has never been so clean.

She is a good cook (better than I am) and she even iron pajamas, my husband is a happy man 🙂 . Most importantly, Lilybeth is excellent with my son. She takes good care of him, religiously takes him outdoor to play and even manages to cut down his TV time. I couldn’t hope for a better help. She gives peace of mind to me, so I can concentrate at work. Things at home are well taken care of.

You have been very helpful all through the helper search process.You came across to me as honest and practical. I shall keep recommending you to all my friends and anyone who is interested in finding a helpful, excellent agency. I wish you and your agency a lot of success.”

Mrs Juni Ijong-Dachlan

“121 Personnel Services was highly recommended to me
upon my arrival in Singapore…”

“121 Personnel Services was highly recommended to me upon my arrival in Singapore. Hiring a maid was a new experience, and I was feeling a little anxious.

Joy and Helen were very supportive and patient while I asked questions and learnt about the hiring process. They worked diligently to understand the needs of my family and subsequently choose well-suited maids for the interview stage.

Throughout the whole experience, Joy and Helen were professional and supportive. I frequently sought their advice while making this important decision. I felt I could trust their assistance to be honest and act in everyone’s best interest. I was very impressed by the exceptional level of communication I received throughout our time working together.

I am now enjoying the fabulous lifestyle here in Singapore in large part due to the wonderful maid I have hired. Thank you Joy and Helen for making hiring a maid such a positive experience.”

Mrs Shelley Merkel

“We wanted to bring our maid with us from China… 121 Personnel never gave up and facilitated a process that met all the requirements of MOM…”

“I would like to thank 121 Personnel for their assistance in turning their attention to assist my case. Having just relocated to Singapore from China, we wanted to bring our maid with us from China who is a Chinese citizen.

Having been told by numerous agencies and even the clerk at MOM itself that it was an impossible situation and could never be approved, 121 Personnel and Joy specifically, never gave up.

Without their assistance, I doubt this could have ever happened. Well done and thank you 121! You greatly alleviated the stress of relocation upon us and our young children by making this happen!”

Mr Greg Dixon

(Please note that we do not and cannot guarantee success for every special cases such as Mr Dixon’s case. The MOM will consider the case on a case by case basis. Nevertheless, we will do our best for our clients.)

“Your organization has been prompt, professional, courteous – the epitome of an excellent service agency. I would not hesitate to recommend 121 to anyone…”

“This transmits my deepest appreciation to you, the staff and management of 121 Personnel Services for facilitating the entry and processing of our caregiver. From the time we were referred to 121 until the reception of our caregiver’s employment pass, your organization has been prompt, professional, courteous – the epitome of an excellent service agency.

I would not hesitate to recommend 121 to anyone. From what we have experienced, it is the agency of choice.

Mr John C. Cabato

Since 2001, we’ve helped Thousands of
Satisfied Expats and…

Here’s how we can help you:

We provide the following services:

  • helping you to recruit helper(s) who is/are transferring to another employer in Singapore (with an extensive guarantee and re-matching plan) (Re-matching refers to a re-match of a more suitable helper to your needs, should the previous helper not work out.)

  • bringing your own helper(s) from overseas to work in Singapore

  • doing the processing work when you find your own helper

  • recruiting new helper from overseas

  • renewal of passport and work permit

  • appealing to the Ministry of Manpower should your application be rejected

  • among others (please ask)

Plus, we are giving away 2 FREE ebooks on employing a maid in Singapore (please see Home page for further details.)

Don’t just take our word for it – or our
thousands of satisfied clients’. Even the
Minister “wants a word” with us…

From the desk of: Eddy Lam Yew Chiang [R1100380]
(with Helen Tan [R1100381])

20th January 2018  

Tune up your PC speakers and click the “play”
button to hear a message from Eddy!

Dear Expatriate Friend,

magine my surprise on Friday, 12 May 2004, when my phone rang. I was sitting at my desk, taking care of the day’s business demands as I always do, when I was shocked by the news. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the then Minister of State for Trade & Industry and National Development of Singapore (he is now the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and Second Minister for Trade and Industry) “wants to have a word” with us.

He was going to give away a prestigious certificate to 121 Personnel Services – in recognition of us being a good corporate citizen practising Good Business Practices, and protecting consumers’ interests. And, I was invited!

It was an extremely pleasant surprise. At last, our little family business, with our closely knit team members, have won a recognition like this.

I mean this CaseTrust Accreditation by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for Good Business Practices is given to the “Who’s Who” in the corporate world. We are talking about well-known companies and brand names like Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice, Giordano, Metro, C.K. Tang, Courts, and Shell.

And then there is 121 Personnel Services. It was such an honour to be CaseTrusted!

Please click here for a VERY important update on CaseTrust

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the then Minister of State for Trade & Industry and National Development of Singapore presenting the CaseTrust certificate to Eddy of 121 Personnel Services in recognition of the company practising Good Business Practices.(Venue: Shaw Centre, Date: 28 May 2004)

A Humbling Experience

The minister said, “Congratulations! Well done, Eddy!”

Those words kept ringing in my ears. They made me feel that 121 Personnel Services had come of age. As excited as I felt, I also felt extremely appreciative because I realised…

It was all thanks to our valued clients and our valued domestic helpers for all their support over the years.

I’m so proud of this prestigious and hard-earned CaseTrust certificate that I would like to invite you to click here to admire the CaseTrust Certificate with me.

Before I tell you more about the FREE Ebooks I have prepared for you, and the Seven Deadly Mistakes to avoid when employing domestic helpers, I must tell you that…


When I was on the Stage with the Minister…

I couldn’t help but feel a little proud and blessed. You see, not too long before that, myself and my trusted team member, Joy Navarosa were invited by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and the Consumers Association of Singapore to share some of our accreditation experience with our fellow colleagues from other agencies.


Invited on Stage to Share with Fellow Agencies

To me, that means that I’ve achieved something. Because not just any agency can qualify to speak on stage. On that day itself, out of 700 over agencies, only 4 agencies were invited on stage.

Eddy and Joy invited by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and Consumers Association of Singapore to share accreditation experiences with fellow colleagues from other agencies.(Venue: DBS Building  Date: 19 Mar 2004)

Perhaps, this is what professionally recognised by the authorities mean (click here).

I was also asked to provide a testimonial to the Consumers Association of Singapore (click here) on the CaseTrust project.

And, we were featured in the September 2004 Expat Living Magazine (click here) together with one of our satisfied customers – Mr and Mrs Harvey from England.

For all these goodness and appreciation, Helen and I are thankful to God. But really, God’s grace doesn’t end here. There are even more…

Kind Words from Our Valued Clients

As you and I move on from here, I will be sharing with you testimonials of satisfied clients with different needs. Plus, I will also be highlighting some of the Special Little Things we do for our valued clients to protect their interest and make them happy with our service. As our client, you are that important to us, and you are the reason why we exist.

#1: The 121 Match-Point© System – Matching the
Best Transfer Helper to Your Family

We help some of our clients recruit new helpers in Singapore. Or, if they find their own helper, we help them with the processing of the paperwork.

Because we specialise in helping expatriates to recruit the best transfer helper (i.e.,helper who is transferring from one family to another), we use our proprietary 121 Match-Point© System to match the best girl possible to your family. After all, each girl is different, and so are your needs.

Please click here to see what exactly is a 121 Match-Point© System, how it works and why it is important.

Plus, we are pretty good at handling “interesting” situations… like if you have problems with your helper or the Ministry of Manpower rejects your application…

“I totally recommend 121 Personnel. They are reliable, efficient, honest and able to cater to special requirements extremely well…”

“I am currently the employer of an excellent domestic helper whom I found through 121 Personnel Services.

Like every family, we have our own special requirements. Both Helen and Joy listened very patiently and attentively to us and then selected many possible helpers for us to interview. Helen and Joy also helped with plenty of good advice there.

And so we found our ideal helper! But 121 Personnel Services has done more than just find us our terrific helper for which I’m grateful. I had to dismiss another helper who didn’t quite suit our family. I found that to be a rather traumatic experience but lessened to a large extent because I was able to call Helen and Joy for very sympathetic and practical advice.

I totally recommend 121 Personnel Services. They are reliable, efficient, honest and able to cater to special requirements extremely well. I wish them all the best.”

Mrs Yen Lotherington

(Please understand that while we will do our best to help with your special requirements, sometimes, certain issues are beyond our capabilities. We cannot create miracles like God do.)

By the way, you can click on any client’s name in any testimonial throughout this letter to verify their authenticity. We are proud of our unmatched record, and equally proud that so many clients are kind enough to say such complimentary things about our service.

#2: Bringing Client’s Own Helper into Singapore

We have also helped clients who have their own domestic helpers while they were stationed in other countries, to bring their helpers into Singapore to work for them when they relocated here.

Further, we have also helped “persuade” the Ministry of Manpower to allow our clients to employ two or more helpers to work for them… You see, usually, a family is entitled to only one helper. But, what if you have a large house and you have two children and another one is “on the way”… and your application for a second helper has been rejected.

Here’s where we can help… (please note that we cannot and do not guarantee success as the Ministry of Manpower will look at the appeal on a case by case basis.)

“The staff made it very easy for us to bring one helper with us from Hong Kong and another from the Philippines…”

“121 Personnel was a critical part in my relocation to Singapore. The staff made it very easy for us to bring one helper with us from Hong Kong and another directly from the Philippines.

They help us navigate the requirements of Singapore’s MOM and were successful in our appeal for a second helper.

At all times, the staff were courteous and bent over backwards to make it easy for us so that I was shielded from the bureaucracy. Furthermore, they helped my helper settle in as one of their staff took it upon herself to show her around.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend 121 and would be happy to talk with anyone further about their services.”

Mrs Kirsten Conrad, USA

#3: Two More Special Little Things We Do When Our Clients
Employ Transfer Helpers Through Us

Before some of our clients relocate to another country, they still remember us for our good work… And, they will never forget how our Extensive Guarantee and Re-matching Plan and Family Satisfaction Program protect their interests when they employ transfer helpers through us.

Please click here to see why an Extensive Guarantee and Re-matching Plan is important.

Update (wef 3 Jun 2010): Please note that our 3 years guarantee with 2 FREE re-matchings is only available for our Platinum Package. Please check with our office at 67338121 (3 Lines) for details of our various packages to match your budget and needs.

Please click here to see why a Family Satisfaction Program is important.

“You knew what I needed in my helper and helped me find her… You were so helpful and professional and reliable…”

Hello Helen & Joy,


“I would just like to take the chance to tell you how much your help has been appreciated over the last year. You helped me find a great girl, Ramyalatha. She is such a sweet girl and it has been a pleasure to have her in our house. She is always smiling and that is so nice to see.

You knew what I needed in my helper and helped me find her, for this I thank you. You were both so helpful and professional and reliable in all your dealings with me. You always made me feel so comfortablewhen I visit your office.

I will be leaving Singapore…

Once again a big thank you for all your help!”

Mrs Debbie Burkinshaw

By now, you would have a flavour of what we do. And just to make our communication crystal clear, here’s…

A Summary of Our Services

We provide the following services:-

  • helping you to recruit helper(s) who is/are transferring to another employer in Singapore
  • bringing your own helper(s) from overseas to work in Singapore
  • doing the processing work when you find your own helper
  • recruiting new helper from overseas
  • renewal of passport and work permit
  • appealing to the Ministry of Manpower should your application be rejected
  • among others (please ask)

Update (28 Nov 2007)We have added even More New Testimonials. We have also conducted a FREE Seminar for new expatriates on employing a helper.

As the acknowledged leader in this industry, I believe that merely providing good service is not enough. I understand that as an employer, you require as much information on employing a domestic helper as possible in order to make the right decision for you and your family.

That’s why we’ve gone to the expense to create two special ebooks that will give you all the information you need to make this important decision. By the way, you won’t find this kind of in-depth information available at other agencies. It’s another way we do even more to assist our clients. And – these ebooks are absolutely free whether you do business with us or not. So…

Here are the FREE Ebooks I Promised You…

Please refer to our Home Page to subscribe to our mailing list FREE and access our FREE Ebooks:
  • Vol. 1-“FAQs on Getting a Domestic Helper for Your Family”
  • Vol. 2-“MOM Regulations Update and More FAQs”

Please read the 2 ebooks. We have put in no less than 250 hours to prepare and format it. It is prepared for you in mind. And if you like it, feel free to share with your friends. It is for sharing after all. Please click here for this absolutely must-read NEW list of questions and useful answers. (just updated in Vol. 2)

And that’s not all. In addition to these free ebooks, packed with valuable information, I’m doing everything in my power to make sure you get the help you need in making this important decision.

Not only do you need to understand what to do, but it’s also vitally important to understand what NOT to do – to be completely clear on serious mistakes that can cost you time and money.

7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid When Employing Domestic Helpers

When my family first started this business, I was really worried. Business was really bad then.

Quite frankly, the maid industry doesn’t have a good name. And, people simply didn’t trust us then. It really took us a lot of hard work before we earn the level of trust and recognition we have today.

And, we treasure that trust a lot. It comes from the blood and sweat of my hardworking team members who strive to meet our clients’ needs. And, we are going to do our very best to keep that trust you have in us.

At the same time, I am concerned.

While there are many good agencies around, there are always the few that “spoil the show”, so to speak.

So, for your benefit, I have prepared a simple Maid Employment Evaluation Checklist which you can use to evaluate whether the agency and maid is suitable for you.

Maid Employment Evaluation Checklist

1. Ensure that the maid agency is duly licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower to operate. Under the Singapore government regulations, only fully licensed and accredited Singapore maid agencies are allowed to operate. That is to say the agency has to be licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and accredited by the Consumers Association of Singapore (or the Association of Employment Agencies). The keyword here is “and” – it cannot be “either or”.

Be sure to check their licences and accreditation documents because an illegal agency can give you more problems than you expect like giving you an “illegal worker”, and this means that you’re breaking the law by employing an illegal worker. In addition, if you are looking for a maid through friends and acquaintances, take a precautionary step by making sure the maid is legitimate and suitable for your employment by getting a reputable maid agency to check the employment history of the maid before you employ her. Sometimes, her history will surprise you like what it did for some of our clients.

Do note that generally, there are no guarantee, warranty or protection of any sort from the agency for maid you found on your own because the agency wasn’t able to establish whether the maid is suitable for your employment and no proper matching was done, and as such, they are unable to take any risk on the girl.

2. Ensure that the maid agency is accredited by the Consumers Association of Singapore for Good Business Practices. See point 1 above.

3. Ask to see the testimonials from the agency’s clients. Make sure that the maid agency has testimonials from real live satisfied customers. This will mean that they are doing a good job because their customers are willing to say good things about them in writing. Check that these are real testimonials (by asking for the originals) because people can easily invent them. Another way to check is to see whether the testimonials provide details. Invented testimonials normally say very general things like “they are a good agency, and they provide good maids and good service.” A reputable agency with lots of real testimonials should be able to help you find the helper of your choice so that the girl can help you take care of your children and other household matters. Instead of trying to solve your maid problems, you can finally live life your way.

4. Ensure that a match-point system is in use to match the right helper to your family. The basic premise is that you and your helper both have different needs and different personalities. Hence, if there is NO match-point system to increase the chance of both of you getting along by the proper matching of needs and personalities, you are more likely to have a headache than have a good helper. After all, you do get along better with people who are more like you, don’t you? And, this is what a match-point system is for – to get you and your helper to “click” as closely as possible.

5. Find out whether there is a guarantee with a reasonable time period, should your helper not work out with you. Despite the best match making services in the world, loving couples do get divorced due to changes in their lives. The same thing happens in working relationship in offices and at home. As such, there should be a reasonable guarantee period for 1 or more free replacements should the helper not work out for you. 6 months should be reasonable since the typical office probation period is 3 months. (Replacement here means redeploying a new helper to take over the position of the previous helper.)

6. Check whether there are any hidden fees. There are some agencies charging ridiculously low fees like $0 or $88. Generally, there are hidden fees not mentioned in their advertisements. Do ask what other fees there are. In addition, be aware that you get what you pay for because an agency desperate in undercutting prices is probably in some sort of financial trouble, and may not be around to help you when you need help. A healthy agency will charge a reasonable fee because to provide good customer service to you, they must be able to pay their staff well.

7. Ensure that a family satisfaction program is in place so as to ensure after sales service. What this means is that, should you or any of your family members is dissatisfied with the helper’s performance in any way, just give the agency a call, and they will be more than happy to make you satisfied again. In addition, an agency with a family satisfaction program in place will do periodic follow-up phone calls with you to ensure that everything is working out well for you and your helper.

The Most Important Criterion in Choosing a Maid Agency

You and I know that nothing matters more than the welfare of you and your family and your family pets (dogs, cats or others). Most importantly, you must enjoy life!

Therefore, employing a live-in domestic helper to help take care of your family is a major and extremely important decision. Any mistake could inconvenience you drastically, and nothing matters more than having peace of mind when employing a helper.

Thus, being able to first trust the agency to do a good job, and then trust the helper is of utmost importance.

“A shop which displays the CaseTrust logo signifies fairness
and honesty in its dealings with consumers…”

“CaseTrust is an accreditation program set up by CASE for the retail and services industries. It aims to spearhead businesses towards excellence by means of adopting fair business practices. A shop which displays the CaseTrust logo signifies fairness and honesty in its dealings with consumers.

…The Act serves to protect small consumers who lack the expertise or resources to protect themselves against unfair practices. Hence shops which display the CaseTrust logo are effectively telling consumers that they have the peace of mind of knowing that these shops have undergone stringent criteria administered not only by CaseTrust but also by an independent body made up of professionals from relevant industries.These transparent procedures ensure that CaseTrust’s standards are maintained in an unbiased manner. Through the scheme, members are kept abreast of consumer trends and new developments in the industry.”

Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, President of CASE

“…we would certainly recommend 121 to anyone… our own introduction to 121 was through a friend of ours…”

“…we were also very happy with the service we received from 121, which made the process of employing Jennifer very easy for us.

…we would certainly recommend 121 to anyone we know who is looking for a maid. And of course our own introduction to 121 was through a friend of ours.

Mr Bernard Barnes

A Confession You Must Know!

At this moment, you are probably thinking that 121 Personnel Services must be perfect. Our service must be excellent and we make no mistakes. And that we are the best of the best.

Quite frankly, we are NOT perfect. Yes, we do make mistakes. And yes, we don’t always match girls 100% of the time, although our track record is among the best in the industry. But, because we are matching human beings it would be impossible to be perfect.

I am being honest with you. An employer who expects perfection with a service of this nature simply isn’t being realistic.

What Could Go Wrong?

In case you are wondering what can go wrong… Sometimes, the helper changes her mind about working with an employer at the last minute. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. Hey, even the helper’s current employer also changes her mind about letting the helper transfer to another employer. That means that the potential employer cannot employ the girl. Things get worse with a deadline. And then, the agency gets blamed. (Gosh! People have a mind of their own. An agency cannot force them on their decisions!)

Sometimes, the MOM may, for their own reasons, ask for further information on an application, and delaying the transfer of the helper. Sometimes, the helper’s current employer totally disagrees with the new employer’s schedule on the transfer of the helper – and that was after she has earlier agreed to it. Sometimes, the old and new employer quarrel over this, and we get a scolding through no fault of ours. (Geez! What can we do if people disagree?)

Am I done with the list yet? Not by a long shot… Sometimes, the helper’s current employer simply sends the helper home to “punish” her for whatever reason. Sometimes, the employer is so fussy, she can change one helper every month! (Please! No helper is perfect! And, neither is the employer. We are not perfect either. Be “BIG” about forgiving people on their mistakes.)

And then, there is the employer who gives reasons for not paying the helper her salary. Plus, there are others who don’t give sufficient food to the helper. And there are yet others who insist on kicking the helper out for whatever reason. By the way, the MOM takes a very serious view of these abuses, and it is our duty to report them.

FACT: Life is too short for bearing grudges. Why not forgive and forget, and be happy?

Click on the “play” button to hear Eddy’s “Philosophy of Life”.

Why Did I Tell You Negative Things?

Okay, enough of what could go wrong. The good news is, barring unforeseen circumstances, most cases should “go right”. Why I told you what could go wrong is to get you prepared that things do and can go wrong. That is just life, isn’t it? And in case you still think we are the best or we are perfect – well, we wish we were – but really, no one is perfect.

We are just a bunch of warm-hearted people who would do our best, despite our failings as an imperfect human being. And, we thank God for giving us magnanimous and kind customers to serve.Here’s more of what our customers say…

“They have an abundance of quality candidates and took the time and effort to narrow down to a short list that matched our exact requirements…”

“…You made the whole process so easy and you organised everything in such a pleasant and professional manner.

I can fully recommend Kaye, Helen, Joy and the whole team for a fully inclusive professional service. They have an abundance of quality candidates and took the time and effort to narrow down to a short list that matched our exact requirements. Then having chosen our preferred candidate they took all the hassle out of the administrative side of the process with great diligence.

I believe 121 Personnel to be 100% trustworthy and honest and very helpful in the whole process of acquiring a quality maid and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Last but by no means least the whole team is a very friendly and pleasant bunch of people to do business with.”

Mrs Anna Harvey

(Please understand that while we will do our best to match your requirements, we are NOT God and cannot foresee the future nor create the perfect maid.)

“We were very well matched to possible candidates and the standard of domestic workers was very high…”

“…very helpful, friendly service and staff who actually listened to what we wanted! We were very well matched to possible candidates and the standard of domestic workers was very high! Very refreshing to use a helpful recruitment service.”

Mrs Susie Taylor

“Many thanks must be passed to 121 for their assistance in identifying the best and most appropriate nanny for our family…”

“I would like to thank 121 Personnel for the assistance they gave in finding a domestic helper for my family. My partner was 8 months pregnant and we made a last-minute decision to employ a FDW to assist us.

121 responded immediately with a strong line up of candidates of multiple nationalities. Across 2 or 3 concerted sessions, we identified a maid that seemed ideal in terms of experience, personal principals and attention to detail. After some deliberation and agreement, we confirmed our interest in the candidate, and from that point 121 handled the whole recruitment process. We found their service professional, thorough and flexible.

Even after a short period of 8 months, Bernie is now a part of our family. She has exceeded our expectations in terms of productivity, work quality, initiative, and most importantly, assistance on the development of our daughter. If someone had told me previously that the FDW would play such a supporting role in the development of a child, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Many thanks must be passed to 121 for their assistance in identifying the best and most appropriate Nanny for our family.”

Mr Matt M.

“I am very pleased with the service of 121…”

“…The staff was always very reliable, professional and pleasant. I am very pleased with the service of 121, especially after some difficulties with our helper, and will highly recommend this agency to others.”

Mrs Ilse Krabbenborg

And, Here Are Even More Feedbacks
from Our Valued Clients…

By now, you maybe wondering how much we charge for our service. For competitive reasons, I cannot reveal them here. Nevertheless, we have various packages to match your needs and budget.

But, I can assure you that it is value for money, and most of our clients say that our price is reasonable. Please see feedbacks below…

1. Mrs Quek S.C. (photo not shown for client’s privacy) 2. Mrs Claravall
3. Mrs Mary Lance 4. Mrs Quek S.C.
5. Mrs Twole 6. Mrs Suman Kalra

Actually, we have even more feedbacks than what you see above. But, I am running out of space already. Please feel free to ask to see them when you drop by to visit us.

Please click here to learn why we can help you.

Please click here to see our testimonials and credentials in one page.

Oh, Did I Tell You This…?

Okay, before I sign off, here comes another Eddy’s life philosophy 🙂

Heaven forbid, but imagine that you were born in a not so prosperous country.And, you have to work overseas as a maid to ensure the livelihood of your husband, kids and parents back in your home country…

Unfortunately for you, your employer was advised by some so-called experienced employers not to recognise you as an experienced maid and is only willing to pay you S$350 per month. You work more than 8 hours a day, and you have only 2 off-days per month. Public holidays are working days for you.

Your work entails daily cleaning of a large house, going to the market, cooking, washing the car, looking after 2 very active kids, running errands, walking the dog and so on. By the time you hit the bed at 11pm, you fall asleep immediately. The next morning you have to wake up by 5:30am to repeat the whole cycle again.

You work so hard for only S$350 and 2 off-days per month because of your love for your family back home! You are not human, you don’t even have a life, and you’ve become a robot!

Now, Imagine that If You Were the Employer of this Maid…

Could you be more generous?

Could you be kinder?

Could you NOT listen to those so-called advice which doesn’t respect human rights and human lives?

Could you NOT think that “but other people are doing it too”? (As for me, there is this place called HELL, and I am NOT going there like other people.)

Think about it…

Before you start wondering whether I am trying to be a saint or that I am trying to save the world – I would like to let you know that these are the last things on my mind – I am just sharing my thoughts…Anyway…

Finally, Here’s What You Can Do Right Now…

Call the 121 Customer Care Team at (65) 6733-8121
(3 Lines) for an Obligation-FREE Consultation Now!

HOT NEWS: The 121 Customer Care Team was featured in
“Expat Living” Magazine March 2007 –

Click Here Now to Read About It

Here’s our Quadruple Guarantee to you:

  1. This call is absolutely obligation-free. You don’t have to do business with us if you choose not to.
  2. There is no hard-sell or forced selling. It is simply not our style. Moreover, we have a reputation to maintain.
  3. You will benefit from our 121 Match-Point© System to understand your needs better.
  4. Should you interview any of our candidates and choose not to employ anyone, you still don’t have to pay us a cent. And, we respect your decision, so there are no hard feelings either.


  • We DO NOT consult on the practices of other agencies or issues pertaining to their domestic helpers because it is unprofessional to do so.
  • We DO NOT email or fax bio-datas of domestic helpers without first meeting up with you in our office because the personal information of our helpers are private and confidential just like your personal information.
  • Under the Ministry of Manpower regulations, the personal information of domestic helpers and employers are private and confidential. As such, we DO NOT host the bio-datas of our helpers online. Moreover, many of our helpers do find jobs very quickly through us. That is to say, the online bio-datas (which we don’t host anyway) will be invalid very quickly.
  • We are NOT perfect and we DO NOT provide perfect maids because nobody is perfect. Employers expecting perfection will have better luck with the perfect agency, not us. Nonetheless, we will do our utmost best for our clients.
  • In line with the Ministry of Manpower’s policy: “We value our team members and are committed to providing you with quality service. Mutual respect and understanding will help us serve you better. We will not tolerate any rude behaviour, physical or verbal abuse of our team members. We reserve the right not to serve any person(s) who do so.
  • We reserve the right not to serve any person(s) whom we feel we are unable to fulfil their needs because we cannot fulfil their needs. Instances would include perfect maids, impossible deadlines, unreasonable demands, snobbish people, people with a bad temper, etc. We say this with all due respect.

If our phone is engaged, please call again later. Or, you may choose to leave behind your name and contact number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or, you can click here to request for an obligation-free matching of a helper to your needs.

Or, fax us at (65) 6836-2518 detailing your needs. Please include your contact number so that we can get back to you. Certain issues are better explained over the phone.

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If you feel that we can be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact The 121 Customer Care Team at:

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Fax: (65) 6836-2518
Email: service@121personnel.com (write Subject: [Maid Service] – this is to reduce spam. Thank you.)

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