Checklist on Evaluating an Employment Agency for the Employment of a Domestic Helper

Is the agency licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM)? If so, what is its licence number? Please click here to see what exactly is required to be licensed by the MOM.

Is the agency accredited by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASETrust) for Good Business Practices? If so, what is its certificate number? Currently, 10% of the 700 over agencies are accredited. Please click here to see what exactly is required to be accredited by CASE.
For your information, the Ministry of Manpower has deemed it compulsory for all agencies to be accredited by June 2004 in order to renew their licence and to continue business. That is to say, unaccredited agencies will be unable to service you or honour their contracts with you subsequent to June 2004. For you and your family’s interest please ensure that this critical point has been met.
Does the agency have outstanding testimonials from extremely satisfied customers? Does the agency conduct a survey on customers’ satisfaction? Such agencies are likely to focus on customer service and should be able to assist you well on your needs. Does the agency have a Match-Point System to match the right maid to your family? Different girl has different character and chores that she likes to do, just like your needs are different from another family’s needs. Thus, it is important to have a Match-Point System to match the right girl to your family. This will reduce conflicts and any inconveniences. Please click here to see what exactly is a Match-Point System, how it works and why it is important.

Is the fee charged by the agency all inclusive, or are there any hidden charges? Does the agency give you at least a free 6 months Guarantee with 1 FREE replacement? If within 6 months, the girl does not fit into your family for whatever reasons, do they give you a replacement totally free of charge? This will give you a peace of mind as changing a domestic helper can be quite a chore.