A testimonial from a client

Having been in the industry for so long, sometimes, we feel tired or jaded by the things that happened in the industry. It can be a difficult employer or a difficult helper or some “strange” cases that simply keep going wrong (e.g., the application for 3 different girls getting rejected at the same time, etc.) We would go “Oh, my God!”

Sometimes, things are so nice and cosy – employers and girls coming to visit with their home-made cookies just to show their appreciaion for the work we’ve done. This will somehow make up for those difficult days.

I specifically remembered Mr and Mrs Harvey from the UK. Expat Living magazine wanted to interview one of our clients to find out what we have done for them and how things had turned out for them. They have a baby girl and a young boy and they needed someone who is good with children.

We arranged a few interviews for them and they picked Theresa to help them with childcare and household chores. Here is the testimonial from Mrs Harvey:

“I can fully recommend Kaye, Helen, Joy and the whole team for a fully inclusive professional service. They have an abundance of quality candidates and took the time and effort to narrow down to a short list that matched our exact requirements. Then having chosen our preferred candidate they took all the hassle out of the administrative side of the process with great diligence.

I believe 121 Personnel to be 100% trustworthy and honest and very helpful in the whole process of acquiring a quality maid and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Last but by no means least the whole team is a very friendly and pleasant bunch of people to do business with.”

It is clients like Mr and Mrs Harvey who appreciate the work that we do that keep us going. We also thank our 121 domestic helpers who have supported us throughout the years for their support.

God Bless!

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